Aptos Hills – Home Remodel

We have a wonderful, longtime client who lives on beautiful acreage up in the Aptos Hills. When we met them, they had already lived in the house for 15 years or so, and they were ready to update a few things.  We started with the kitchen remodel, including new appliances, wood countertops and updated lighting. The result is beautiful.

At the exterior, we completely rebuilt and added onto their existing deck. This resulted in a very large and expansive space that included a complete outdoor kitchen with new composite decking and cable railings.

Most recently, we completely remodeled the old master bathroom. This involved the relocation of some minor walls, a new entry door, and a reconfiguration of the shower and bathtub. You can see that the result is a huge master bathroom with every amenity imaginable. It’s a very comfortable space.

Lastly, we opened up a wall in the living room and installed a new full height Nana door system. This really expanded the feel of that room, bringing in a lot of light and inviting anyone who enters it to walk outside and onto the exterior living area on the new deck.