Our client was a family with younger children that came to us through the recommendations of former customers. Their existing house had been remodeled by them 10 years earlier and was well-suited to the married couple. With the addition of two younger children, they realized that the house just didn’t function very well for their family. Fortunately, the husband and wife took their time thinking about what they wanted, and by the time they met with us, had their needs well laid out. We brought in local Architect, James Stroupe, and recommended him to the client as a collaborative professional who could help us achieve their goals. This proved to be the case. Jim quickly produced design drawings for them within six weeks that clearly reflected all of the client’s needs and preferences while at the same time dramatically re-creating the home in a beautiful contemporary design.

The new home required a complete reconstruction of the existing house that left only one bathroom unaltered. New square footage was added at the lower level to expand and reconfigure the living area, while an entirely new upstairs wing was constructed to create space for a new master suite with views out toward the ocean. The entire roof was rebuilt, all new windows and interior doors were added and the full exterior received a new modern looking stucco finish. Stainless steel cable railings were added to the decks to create an updated look, and fine hardwood accents were used to pull the design together.
Our efforts produced a new three bedroom, three bath home with a large and inviting ground floor patio area, wide open living areas on the first floor with new kitchen, bathroom and dining room. The photographs in this section show the striking results- clean lines, dramatic architectural touches, and light, open and airy interior spaces. Our client was very pleased with the results.