This client decided to have us demolish their recently purchased home, which had some significant grading and settlement problems. We were hired to manage and construct the project, which included adding a bedroom and remodeling the existing separate guesthouse. After it was ready, the client moved into it and we conducted an Eco-Demo process on the existing home, re-engineered the main building site, and constructed this new contemporary three-story home.

As a cost saving measure, the house was built using Structurally Integrated Panels(SIPS). These are strong, well insulated building panels which are pre-constructed in a manufacturing facility and then shipped to the building site per the precise requirements of the building plans. As you can see from the photographs, the result is a marvel of modern features, high ceilings, light open spaces, and clear views of the forest canopy through the many large windows. The home features heated floors, a large bi-folding door to access the ground floor patio and pool, huge kitchen and family room, and elegant new bathrooms.